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Website speed has a huge impact on user experience, SEO, and conversion rates. Improving website performance is essential for drawing traffic to a website and keeping site visitors engaged. Don't worry, we got you!

Have you ever tried to load a slow-loading website or an app that takes forever to…

What is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in application development? Why use an MVP? How is this beneficial to your project development? What common mistakes should you avoid? This is what we will see in this article.

Got a great idea for a mobile app? You’ve probably heard that the…

Thinking of creating a website? Choosing your domain name is a crucial step that you shouldn’t take lightly. In this guide, discover the important criteria to take into account when choosing the right domain name.

How to choose a domain name?

Your domain name (NDD) identifies your business in this immense jungle that is the Web…

Uchaguzi is a mobile and web based application that is designed to ease access to information on Uganda’s forthcoming general elections 2021. It is chiefly designed to educate voters and sensitize citizens on the electoral process.

This civic education platform is a project of the Ministry of ICT and National…

What is the value proposition of a website to your business?

We live in a world which is rapidly changing for many reasons, but basically due to the internet and the World Wide Web. ‘Digitization’ and ‘Online’ have been become the two frequently used buzz words. Smartphones and cheap data…

A custom domain email address is one that is exclusive to a domain that is associated with your business or organisation, forexample or

Unlike standard domain emails such as , custom domain emails have a greater value proposition to a company as elaborated below.

  • Brand visibility


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Today, our online experience is so much more than just checking emails. From talking to friends and family to doing the weekly food shop, discovering new holiday destinations and researching things to do locally, the online world is very much a part of our daily lives.

It’s a start on a future of real experiences.

Early PS: A design trend broke this year, and got named Neumorphism, the new Skeuomorphism

Many have argued that with voice-assisted systems in the future, we won’t need UI, we will just speak to our devices, and many more that in the eventual future, we communicate telepathically with our devices…


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