Websites; why we all need them.

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What is the value proposition of a website to your business?

We live in a world which is rapidly changing for many reasons, but basically due to the internet and the World Wide Web. ‘Digitization’ and ‘Online’ have been become the two frequently used buzz words. Smartphones and cheap data plans have changed our lives to the extend that most of us have been habituated with searching every tiny little bit on the internet. People search and find answers for what they are looking for – how to dress up, what to eat, where to purchase, why to have a laptop, which is the best one etc. There are endless searches and endless results. These are just few of the reasons that each business should have online presence. It doesn’t absolutely mean that you must have a very dynamic e commerce site or a high end website that cost thousands of dollars. Rather, you may start with a simple dymanic affordable website from . Gradually, you may go for either a professionally designed high-credible interactive website or a eCommerce site or for both or for many.

The advantages of a business website are many. There are more than two dozen reasons that why each business require a website. In this post, I will discuss the top ten reason that how a business website will be helpful to you.

You should have a website for your business for the reasons that a website can help you in getting the following:

Low cost medium for advertising and marketing .

Advertising and marketing are two mostly established lifelines of businesses. There is no other way that you can escape from advertising and marketing for your products,services or brand. You have to anyway let people know. You might have numerous options for this purpose. You may do it with banners, boards, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, cards, calendars, door to door campaign, events, advertising on print and electronic media etc. But, effectiveness of such marketing methods depend upon how much you can spend. In comparison to all these traditional modes, your online presence through a website will more effectively serve most of your advertising and marketing solution along with many additional benefits in low share of your annual budget.

You can maintain a website just at the daily cost that you spend for a daily "rolex". Compare with the monthly salary of your single employee or the electricity bill for your store/office. A simple but efficient and effective website will cost you as low as $15 or approximately 50,000 UGX per month. Isn't it amazing?

Websites Help in Credibility and Recognition of Your Business

You know that business credibility is a vital aspect when you are doing a business or going to start one. Building credibility and recognition was never a easy task before the internet was invented. Business runners had to spend huge amount of, time and work to gain credible presence in the market. Thanks to the internet, just having an online presence through a simple website can build rapid and enormous credibility and well proper recognition for your business among millions of people. A case in context is in the music industry, 30 years ago it was a wild dream to think that a Ugandan artiste could have a song reach the whole of the country let alone the world in a day, however with YouTube, artistes can have their music accessible anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. Your business website can help you in greater credibility and better recognition. So, whey not you should have a website for your business?

A Website can Bring Wider audience/ market to you.

No one can ever think of a business without a market to sale and purchase products or services. Market is the primary requirement for any business. It is the size of the market that determine sales, profit and growth. All businesses cherish to have their shops and establishments to be where market is abandunt. However, only the big fish eat the share due to the huge amount of capital they can spend. Existence of small and startup businesses in the market has been always in danger. But again thanks to the internet, the nightmare for micro, small and medium enterprises has been completely over. By simply having a website of your own, you can touch the sky. Even if you do not afford for a shop/ office in a a desired location,you can reach out at millions of customers who search for products or services similar to yours on the internet.Placing your products / services along with features, prices, offers, your contact details and location map on your site will definitely drive adequate potential customers to your shop or establishment. Even bigger businesses who do not have website might lag behind you. This is an amazing reason why should you have a business website.

A business website can automatically provide you fresh new marketing channel with unlimited audience who will gradually become your potential customers and customers in actions. This opportunity can simultaneously serve you as a broadcasting media, online billboard, digital brochure, electronic business card and in many other ways to convey your messages to the larger audience and can convert them into your real customers. A website is not only a marketing channel, but also a powerful market promoter for a business. Through a business website, you can perform multiple marketing activities including sales funneling and customer engagement.

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