Why is a custom domain email address good for your business.

A custom domain email address is one that is exclusive to a domain that is associated with your business or organisation, forexample mugalula@loftuganda.tech or tendo@loftuganda.tech.

Unlike standard domain emails such as mugalula@gmail.com , custom domain emails have a greater value proposition to a company as elaborated below.

When a prospect looks at your email address, they will quickly be able to find your business by looking up your domain name. With an email addressed that has a custom domain, usually the business domain. The receipt of the email from such an address can easily follow up on a business by searching for the domain online. If someone received an email from namakula@loftUgada.tech, it’s easy for a person to look up loft Uganda online other than if she had received the email from namakula@gmail.com

An email address that contains your business name sounds more official and trustworthy than an email address that doesn’t have a custom domain.

As your workforce grows, you can standardize email addresses and create consistent group addresses for roles, like support@loftuganda.tech.

While there are numerous ways to market your business name, a custom email address is the simplest.

Visit www.loftuganda.tech and get your custom domain email in addition to a really awesome website! We take pleasure in creating the best digital experiences.



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